The Final Chapter of a Cherished Tradition

Illumi, the world’s largest light, sound, and multimedia show, located in Laval, just announced it will shine for one last time on January 7, 2024. This marks the end of an incredible five-year run that’s brought magic and excitement to Montrealers of all ages.

Illumi’s Impressive Legacy

Since its inception in 2019, Illumi has captivated audiences with its array of 25 million lights across 19 installations, spanning a three-kilometre route. Created by the innovators behind the Cavalia horse show, this luminous event has not only provided visual splendor but has also significantly boosted Laval’s economy, contributing an estimated $100 million and attracting around 2 million visitors.

A Tribute to Community and Cultural Vibrancy

The conclusion of Illumi is more than the cessation of a light show; it represents the end of a cultural phenomenon that has brought together people from all walks of life. Both Montreal locals and city visitors have cherished this immersive experience as an integral part of our winter festivities, creating shared memories of joy and amazement.

Last Opportunity to Experience the Magic

As Illumi prepares for its final display on January 7, 2024, Montrealers have a unique opportunity to witness this breathtaking spectacle one last time. This season offers a final chance to partake in the magic of Illumi and celebrate the joy it has brought to our community. As the site prepares for new development, this farewell event will be a fitting tribute to the legacy of Illumi.

Embracing the Future with Illumi’s Spirit in Mind

As Illumi concludes, its legacy of innovation, community, and joy remains. This moment is one of reflection and appreciation for the remarkable impact Illumi has had on our city. The Montreal community looks forward to embracing future developments that continue to enrich our cultural fabric.

We invite everyone to join in commemorating Illumi’s final season, a testament to Laval’s creative spirit. Make sure to witness the splendor of Illumi before the lights fade on this extraordinary chapter in our city’s history.