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why get featured on real MTL

Real MTL is a fast-growing digital media company based in Montreal, Quebec. We are a team of content creators and digital media specialists passionate about Montreal and everything it represents. Our goal is to deliver relevant, high-quality content about Montreal to our highly engaged audience. What to see, where to go, what to do, eat, drink, and experience.  We strive to deliver our partners great value with results that speak for themselves.

Audience Demographics

  • 53% Men, 47% Women
  • 18 to 54 Years old (90%)
  • 74% are in the Greater Montreal Area

Engagement metrics

  • 7K – 12K/ Featured Post Reach
  • 10.3K Local Followers
  • 150 – 300 New Followers from Giveaway

* These metrics are based on the most recent stats provided by Instagram. Results may vary.