West Island Movers, a moving company based in Montreal is the latest of Montreal businesses to jump on the Bitcoin train. West Island Movers are claiming to be the first moving company in Montreal to support the cryptocurrency for its payments. While the news is all about the ever-increasing price of a single token, the company’s interest in this new payment method shows how Bitcoin may prove to be much more than just an investor’s tool.

Among the reasons Karl and his team are is optimistic about bitcoin are flexibility, lower fees, seamless transactions, and increased protection for the merchant and the client. Basically, like cash but, in a digital form.  ”It’s good business to give your customers as many ways of paying for things as possible. As Bitcoin ATMs are becoming commonplace in Montreal, more and more potential customers show interest in settling transactions in that form ”

Recently, bitcoin has had a meteoric rise in popularity as more and more companies and governments begin to accept it across a number of industries – from local businesses to big tech and airlines – allowing customers to use it as an official method of payment.

” Having seen the shift from physical to digital over the last decade, we are truly on board with cryptocurrencies and their potential in revolutionizing the way people pay and get paid.”