Every winter since 2007, Montrealers have gathered in the quays of the Old Port to dance away the winter blues to the sound of electronic music. The Igloofest-goers, self-titled ‘Winter Warriors,’ unite under the stars for nine crazy nights that feature lively winter decor, stunning light shows, a snowsuit costume contest, and of course, an impressive lineup of some of EDM’s finest DJs.
With the pandemic, a rave where everyone dances close together to stay warm in the dead of winter isn’t really possible. That being said, the festival coordinators are staying true to a promise they made 15 years ago; to celebrate Igloofest every year to help locals get through the frigid season. For Igloofest’s 15th edition, the programmers are keeping their word with a reimagined and, for the first time, virtual Igloofest.

Just like for the past 14 years, in 2021, Igloofest will be running for 9 nights between January 16th through February 8th. Even though you won’t dance in groups under the stars, the festival’s coordinators are still promising to deliver some unforgettable nights still.

The 2021 lineup has not yet been announced, and the unveiling will happen at the beginning of the new year, but we expect nothing short of last year’s lineup, considering how much the festival has continued to grow every year. Last year Igloofest featured an impressive lineup with many local and international DJs and some jaw-dropping headliners, such as two of EDM’s finest, Nina Kraviz and Charlotte de Witte. Along with this year’s lineup, the festival’s programming will be announced in early January.

To get all winter warriors hyped for the virtual festival, the festival’s programmers have launched an Igloofest-themed online shop with winter-ready toques, socks, mitts, and hockey jerseys, so you can rep the festival and stay warm while dancing in your backyard or on your balcony. 

This year, you can enjoy whatever incredible lineup Igloofest will have to offer virtually, so you will be at liberty to choose whether you want to dance out the winter blues in the traditional way outdoors or perhaps indoors from the comfort of your own home. However, just because you have one year off from the freezing rave, be ready to suit up in 2022 for what the coordinators promise to be the biggest Igloofest to date.